Liberty Union Life Security Audit

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Logged into clients GoDaddy account to add SSL. Added security headers to the existing site to increase site rating. Currently using ‘’ as a reference tool. Move client from an “F” rating to an “A” rating.

CES Website Updates

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Updated a number of items on the corbyenergy website including a new logo; it’s been vectorized and added to the svg directory within the child theme directory.

Dev Note: CES uses Jupiter theme, should be no surprise that the theme options is no longer accessible. Added a functions.js to overwrite attributes on the site.

MES Job Postings

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Recreated the MES Job Postings page to account for internal job postings that appear on the site. Previously, all job postings assigned to add to the site were job titles that linked to a job description on LinkedIn. The post type has the option of doing one or the other now depending on which ACF field is selected.

Also fixed the if / endif issue with only 1 job post populating with the ‘we’re sorry’ in the wp_query.

components/mes-job-postings.php ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

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Ran into an error with using ‘’ as a redirect after it had already been assigned as the main domain for Stefforia.

Sometimes, the redirect would work, other times would get an “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

Dev Notes: Solution after contacting IONOS was to reissue the SSL certificate for the domain redirect. In addition, I removed the 301 redirects that were set up in the sites .htaccess file.

Dixon-Ryan and BodyFlushnessGage InterapidRepair Logo Updates

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Updated accreditation logos  on and, &

DixonRyan was able to successfully be updated; site works as is, plugins & WordPress updated without issues. is a broken mess. Uploaded Jupiter v6.1.6 to the server; but also doesn’t work properly after activating. Went back to v4.2.1 which was previously installed (but gives error see below). Site will render properly; but ‘Edit Page’ will give you a white screen of death (critical error).¬† Managed to update WordPress to latest version (as of 11/2021 – 5.8.2).

Dev Note: Had to find the logo file within uploads for and replace to update page. Use jQuery for future updates; otherwise the site will need to be redone to work properly.

Added a functions.js to interapidrepair to update the home page logo. Added the JS within footer.js. Also added additional styling to the main style.css page.

Stryker Good As Gold & Brooklyn Gallery Art WPEngine Migrations

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Migrated (SGAS) and (BGA) over from Liquid Web to WPEngine.

  • Connected to LiquidWeb FTP and downloaded wp-content files; htaccess files and mysql database files for both sites
  • SGAG database had major issues importing: CREATE ALGORITHM=UNDEFINED DEFINER=`819487_dev4`@`%` SQL SECURITY DEFINER VIEW; needed to remove all instances of ‘definer’ within the database.
  • Deleted ‘DEFINER’ within the database manually within IDE; was able to successfully import in WPEngine PHPMyAdmin; also appears to import properly within Adminer within Local by Flywheel.

Dev Notes: BGA DNS / CNAME was setup automatically after adding the domain to WPEngine. SGAG needed to be manually updated within GoDaddy Manage DNS. Updated the Nameservers from Liquid Web to ‘default’ GoDaddy servers; updated the DNS A record to WPEngine IP Address and updated the CNAME per WPEngine’s suggestions.

Corby Energy Services Website Updates

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Site has not been updated in a number of years; house cleaning items:

  • Removed 110,000 spam comments with WP Bulk Delete ‘Delete Pending Comments’ within Comments Section now.
  • Updated PHP 7.3 via Plesk url: / s?H7j37o
  • Updated WordPress to 5.8.2 (most current version as of 11/11/2021)
  • Added & Styled Careers Page (styles within ces.scss)

DEV Note: Attempted to update Jupiter Theme; does not appear to work. If you attempt to do this in the future, please download the theme file locally since this site is hosted on Media Temple and doesn’t appear to have a restore from backup option like WPEngine.

Github Setup with Sourcetree

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As of August 13th, 2021, Github no longer allows for user authentication via username and password. Need to use Personal Access Token for everything.


  • Open Keychain Access on Mac and search for ‘Github’ and replace password with [Personal Access Token] (github-personal-access-token.txt).
  • Within Sourcetree go to Preferences > Accounts and add Github. Auth type: basic, username tkloote, password [Personal Access Token].

Currently project is setup on 2019 Macbook Pro, 2021 Macbook Pro and 2015 Macbook Pro – airdrop directory to new computer if need to set up on new machine.

Dev Note: Github documentation for setting up new Personal Access Token. Note: if you need to change it, you’ll have to change it everywhere.

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