Changelog Inception

Built and added changelog to and added/modified the following files:

  • scss/changelog.scss
  • page-changelog.php
  • search-changelog.php
  • taxonomy-clients.php
  • taxonomy-projects.php
  • images/changelong
  • functions/post-type-changelog-items.php
  • js/functions.js
  • scss/vendor/prism
  • js/prism

Added Prism syntax highlighting (css / js); Prism breaks responsiveness with flexbox. Use CSS Grid instead.

Dev Note: Made the post type ‘changelog-item’ so that it would not conflict with ‘/changelog’ slug. When setting up the post-type, make sure public and has_archive are set to true to allow for custom taxonomy pages / search options. Added js function to swap project logo based on data-attribute.

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  • Prototyping
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