Thinkific Multi-Category JS Updates

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Rebuilt portions of the Thinkific JS to allow for multiple category filtering & updated markup in course_card.liquid on Thinkific.

Code runs a loop (each function) for each card – adds an array based on card categories and data-id’s within each card and adds an array to the main data-id. Filtering allows to pick out a single value from that array.

  • Snippets > course_card

Chase Plastics Locations Map – Filtering

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Updated the new Image Map Pro to utilize pin filtering. ‘Shape Title’ within the editor is the tag used to filter data:

  • Added js/map-filter.js
  • Modified: scss/locations-map.scss

The script simply adds and removes active classes based on the data-id and data-shape-title of the map key item buttons and each pin.

Dev Note: Make sure to use same shape title names when adding new pins in the future for filtering purposes.

MES Job Postings

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Setup new custom post type for MES Jobs, available on the career page.

Setup on the default page using a conditional on page.php and setup a new component components/mes-job-postings.php

Liberty Union Life Website Porting to PHP Before Migration

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Completely cleaned up all .asp files from the original site to PHP. Added header and footer includes, cleaned up all CSS to remove all ID’s to classes.

Completely redid the site navigation in HTML / CSS with active state on each page. Added Century Gothic Font through @fontface

Update: 8/3/2021 – Set up FTP for Economy hosting on GoDaddy in Transmit

ChasePlastics Recaptcha Form Math Problem

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Client mentioned that that Recaptcha by itself was not working, so added “Really Simple CAPCHA” plugin for Chase.

Within the Gravity Form form, under the Captcha there’s a “Type” field which was changed to “Math Challenge”

Added CSS rule within partial _forms.scss to prevent overflow of form field within form container.

Pricing Page Break-Apart

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Broke apart ‘pricing’ training & evaluations into separate page templates (and keeping original page-pricing.php):

  • page-pricing-evaluations.php
  • page-pricing-training.php

Added taxonomy categories to LG FAQ’s to filter questions specific to Training and Evaluations ‘evaluation-faqs’ & ‘training-faqs’

Added course 35 – Door Handling

Stryker Surgicount Medical & Badge Request Form Redirects

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  • Updated the server within LiquidWeb to PHP 7.4 to allow 301 redirect plugin to work (plugin works, 301’s don’t).
  • Backed up and zipped WP Database and Badge Request Databased & Badge Request Form directory saved locally under Freelance > Group55Marketing>surgicount-medical>database-backups-7-2021
  • Zipped and archived badge-request-form on server, removed directory.
  • Added ‘Badge Request Form’ page, added page-stryker-redirect.php and page-badge-request-redirect.php
  • Redirects within page templates & updated meta redirect in header.php

Dev Notes: Site is still accessible:

Reordered Courses in Thinkific

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Reordered the courses to go from oldest – newest order, located in Courses > Reorder

Note: For each new course, you will need to drag & drop the course below in order for it to appear at the bottom of the ‘browse the training’ section

Troubleshooted Thinkific Course Banners

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Issue: student was signed up for ‘all courses’ but a couple of specific courses would not allow the student to take the course beyond the course landing page.

Solution: Within the banner component within the landing page, an extra ‘button’ element was added which overwrites the existing button to resume or start the course. Delete the button block for the component to revert back to the original button which allows users to resume course or sign up if they’re not enrolled.

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