With a 15-year track record in the marketing, advertising, and tech industries, I am a seasoned UX/UI Designer and Front-end Developer. I have a passion for creating intuitive and impactful user experiences that not only meet but exceed business and user expectations.

My extensive experience spans across numerous sectors, allowing me to bring a rich blend of creative and technical expertise to the table. As a versatile professional, I have been instrumental in designing and developing aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust digital solutions for various brands, enhancing their interaction with customers and optimizing their online presence.

Being rooted in both design and development worlds, I can bridge the gap between design intent and technical implementation, transforming concepts into reality. My meticulous approach enables me to craft designs that are not only visually compelling but also scalable, accessible, and user-friendly.

Throughout my career, I have stayed ahead of the curve, keeping pace with evolving industry trends and technologies. I believe that effective UX/UI design is an amalgamation of psychology, design principles, and technology, and I leverage these elements to create meaningful and memorable user experiences.

As a collaborative team player, I appreciate the importance of clear communication and understand how to articulate complex ideas to cross-functional teams, ensuring the seamless delivery of projects.

I am eager to continue leveraging my skills and experiences, seeking new challenges, and making significant contributions to further drive innovation and growth.

Portfolio Samples

  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Corby Energy Services

Corby Energy Services (CES) is a specialized utility planning and execution firm serving southeastern Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. With a focus on collaboration and organization, their expert team offers a range of services from Electrical and Communication to advanced Trenchless Rehab Solutions. We utilized the firms dark blues, greens and prominent logo to create a bold look for their current web presence. In addition to the site, CES has utilized myself for various billboard designs to announce career opportunities.

  • UI Design
  • UX Prototyping
  • Web Development


LearnGlazing is a comprehensive e-learning platform tailored for the glazing industry, aimed at bridging the educational gap in glazing design, fabrication, and installation. I spearheaded this project doing 100% of UX & UI design and full web development, utilizing a custom front-end marketing site and a custom online course curriculum created within Thinkific. The end result is a site that’s bold, emphasizing the brands greens and grays, custom architectural photography and an engaging course curriculum with custom filtering & animations.

  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Cadillac Canada EV Map

Living with an electric vehicle (EV) means embracing convenient and sustainable charging options. At home, a Level 2 charger can quickly boost your EV’s range, making it easy to recharge overnight. On the go, the public charging infrastructure provides both Level 2 chargers for dependable charging and DC Fast Chargers for a rapid boost, ensuring you’re never far from a power source. Cadillac Canada wanted to emphasize the large infrastructure of level-2 and fast dc charging locations throughout North America. We had the opportunity to work on this project utilizing Google Maps and custom pin data & filtering while adhering to the Cadillac branding guidelines.